Surveys are required by most banks and insurance agencies. Give us a call for info.

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How much should a Survey or Consultation Cost


The truth of the matter is that some surveys will take longer than others. A vessel that is 15 years old and not well cared for will take longer than a vessel that is new or a couple of years old and has been well cared for. 

Surveys are usually billed by the foot; however, some can be either by set price or by the hour.

Taking into consideration that when you order and pay for a survey it is let you know about any and all issues with the vessel. Repairs that need to be made and how much it will cost. The overall value of the vessel and what it would cost to replace it with either a used or new vessel that is the same make and model or a newer version. 

When and if you decide to hire a surveyor keep in mind that they are professionals and are working for you. Everything that is disclosed in the survey report is for your use and no one else. We give you total confidentially. Conducting and reporting a survey takes a lot of time, so remember that you are paying the surveyor what he is worth. Your peace of mind is our goal, we take great pride in doing a thorough job. I personally treat every vessel that I survey like it was my own. Call us or email us for a quote.