Surveys are required by most banks and insurance agencies. Give us a call for info.

My Background

Rex von Borstel 
Owner and Surveyor

Past and Present

I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard in 1981. During the twenty years that I spent in the Coast Guard, I was stationed on five different vessels: 327-foot vessels to 110-foot patrol boats. During these years, I spent a lot of time in shipyards and performing vessel inspections at sea. From large seagoing freighters all the way down to pleasure craft. I spent eleven of my twenty years in Alaska. I have years of experience inspecting vessels. Damage control is a key component in vessel survival and with that you must know how a vessel is constructed.  I conduct vessel inspections thoroughly, looking for structural stability and operational effectiveness. I spent just as many years conducting boardings on vessels dealing with vessel safety issues and compliance with Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  Vessel sizes ranged from large factory trawlers down to small pleasure craft.  My guarantee to you, the vessel owner, is that I will conduct a thorough inspection of your vessel. I will give you a thorough and complete report and I will communicate with you on all aspects of the inspection. The operational readiness and sound stability of your vessel ensures that you and your crew have a safe work environment free of worry.  We are a Limited Liability Company.


Rex von Borstel 

(Owner and Surveyor)


Services Available

Condition & Valuation Surveys 

Re-Insurance Inspections

Out of Water Hull Inspections

Damage Surveys

Sound Level (decibel readings)

Electrical Inspections

Video Bore Scope Recordings

Coast Guard Safety Inspections- (coming soon).

Ship Board Fire Fighting Systems

Sea Trials

And Consulting Services



A Piece of Mind

What is the cost of a Marine   Survey? There are a lot factors that weigh in. Type of vessel, it’s purpose,   i.e. commercial or pleasure. The size, equipment onboard, age, is it in the water or drydocked for the inspection.  The age of the vessel, say a 20   plus year old could take just as much time to complete a survey on as a   brand-new vessel. This is taking in   the fact that a newer vessel has more automated systems and hi-tech computers   onboard to run systems that in the past were ran by crewmen. With the newer   vessels, the need to for more powerful and fuel-efficient power systems is a   must and with that it could take more time or less time to insure they are   running at peck performance levels. The condition and value of the vessel takes a substantial amount of   time to research. It is our goal to   insure you get the most accurate information on your vessel.   

More Information


Experience in the Field


My experience is simply this, I spent 20 plus years in the United States Coast Guard and during those 20 plus years I completed over 25 dry dockings, engine hall outs, major hull repair, complete vessel inspections, sea trials, rudder and prop replacements, general hull plating condition inspections, vessel structural integrity inspections. I also dealt with computer and electronic engine control systems and navigational aids, i.e. radar, electronic charts, etc. includes thousands of hours of inspections of both US and foreign registered vessels. I can tell you that within the first half hour of a vessel inspection I can determine how the inspection is going to turn out. Remember if the surveyor must complete tasks that the owner could have completed prior to the inspection it will cost more and slow the process. Since my retirement I have kept up with the advancements made in the marine field. My company is just getting its legs under it, so I have not had the opportunity to be certified by a surveying society. However, I look forward to your business.


Consulting Services

  Covering Compliance, Groundings, Collisions, Fire and other damages.  We provide full inspections for insurance companies, brokers, etc.

These services cover both commercial and private vessels.  Give a call for more information about these services. 


What is a survey worth.


When it comes time to ask the question of how much is the survey going to cost, you need to ask yourself what I want out of the survey. Surveys usually have a healthy side and a need to be repaired side of the survey. I can guaranty you the report you get from our services will be thorough and help you with any repairs, upgrades or otherwise items that are needed to make your vessel safe and operational. Yes, experience plays a role in the quality of the survey. Your final report is generated by a nationally recognized maritime surveying program “Force 5 Millennium”. NDT testing equipment is utilized when possible and any intrusive work will be discussed with the owner prior to being completed. I have an unconditional guarantee that if your insurance company or finance company does not accept the Report in writing, and I cannot resolve it with them in 84 business hours after first contacting them. I will refund your money. Your completed survey is like an extra piece of mind. Remember to read through it from front to back. If you ask, I will go over it with you to ensure that you understand everything that has been covered. Also, your report should be completed within 5 days or less, barring any unforeseen circumstances.